You have absolutely no idea what you can do until and unless you try


We cannot thank you all enough for so generously donating to the Sherpa Family Support Fund. Somehow or other, in just three weeks, we have together raised an incredible £20,000!! Colin and I hoped we would get to £10,000, but it never ever occurred to me we would get double that. I am overwhelmed at your generosity and have been close to tears at times when I saw how much money was coming in and at the thought of how much good we can do with it. My motto has always been “the danger is not in aiming too high, but in aiming too low and achieving it” because I know we are always capable of achieving much more than we think we are and I have not been proved wrong. You are all incredible, thank you!

The Bothy, Braemar. Our Auction venue.The evening of the Avalanche Auction was a huge success. On that evening alone we raised £9,500 thanks to the generosity of those who donated some amazing Lots, and of course to the generosity of those who bid for them. Not surprisingly a day out in the hills with Mountain Guide Kenton Cool was very popular with the ladies present, who wisely decided that rather than bidding against each other, a collective bid was more likely to win against any male opposition, and win they did - so watch out Kenton, you don’t know what you’ve let yourself in for! [photo: The Bothy, Braemar. Our Avalanche Auction Venue.]





Lunch with the First Minister of Scotland anyone? Salmon fishing on the River Dee?

The list of auction items for our Sherpa Family Support Fund is now available. Details can be found at  .

Lots are pretty varied as you can see!  

Bids can be made by email.

It would be wonderful if you could send this on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Thank you to my wonderful friends at Braemar Mountain Sports in Scotland for putting this amazing event together and to The Bothy Braemar for hosting the evening.

Love you guys!



Avalanche at Everest Base Camp. Sherpa Family Support

Apologies for sending this again, but the photos and links didn't work in the first one.

Three weeks ago (although it seems like much longer) the earth moved below Nepal. It destroyed countless homes, killed thousands of people, and caused a huge avalanche to sweep through Everest Base Camp, killing and injuring many of those in its path. For those who know and love the beautiful country of Nepal and its people, and even for those who don't, the devastation caused by the earthquake has been heartbreaking. We all want to help these people, whose kindness and generosity know no bounds, and who have now lost everything. 

I have spent a lot of time at Everest Base Camp. Months of my life have been spent living in a tent in this beautiful but barren desert of rock and ice surrounded by some of the highest
mountains in the world. I first went out there in 2003 and the following year I was privileged enough to stand on the summit of Everest with Sherpa Ang Nuru, a boy with whom I felt so safe and I know I was lucky to be climbing with him as my partner. I have been to Everest Base Camp almost every year since then, sometimes twice a year, either helping out on expeditions or leading treks. During this time the Sherpas who work with us have become my friends. They welcome me into their houses when I pass through their village and willingly share what little they have with me. Many of them come from the village of Pangboche, which for us mere mortals is 2 or 3 days walk from Base Camp, but they will do the same walk in a day!


One of my favourite quotes is "The danger is not in aiming too high but in aiming too low and achieving it". We can create whatever we want in life - you might find that hard to believe, but having climbed Mount Everest I absolutely know that we can. You really CAN live the life of your dreams and I want to help you to do that.

The sort of people I help are often those who are lacking motivation and drifting aimlessly, being pushed this way and that by the current of life. Most people don't realize that they are actually able to take charge and change the direction of their lives themselves. To take control of life instead of being controlled by it. But you can live the life you want, yes really you can. I can show you how to do that.

I used to be like that too once, lacking not only motivation and purpose, but also self belief. However sailing across the Atlantic and climbing Everest taught me that we already possess all the tools and wisdom that we need to be able to create the life we want to live, we just don't realize it. My role as an Intuitive Life Coach is to shine a light on the amazing gifts that you have hidden away within you, to give you back your self belief and help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. I work very intuitively to help you change from the inside out. If you would like to talk to me about how this could work for you read more

We All Need a Sherpa in Our Lives

  On 16th May 2004 Susan Harper Todd became only the fifth British woman to stand on the summit of Mount Everest and the first British woman to be leader of an Everest Expedition. Out of the 6.76 billion people in the world, only 75 women in history had ever stood there before her. 

But Susan didn’t climb to the summit of Mount Everest alone. She had a ‘Life Coach’ with her in the guise of a Sherpa. Someone who lives in the shadow of Mount Everest, who understands and respects the mountain, who knows the mountain, who lives and breathes it. He not only showed her the way but, more importantly, he gave her the belief and encouragement...

“Sherpa Ang Nuru recognized me as someone who could go to the top, but my own light was dim, and I couldn’t see it in myself. We can be 95% fit for a task, but we are often afraid of taking the last few steps towards our goal. My purpose in life now is to be your sherpa, to help you climb your Everest in life, whatever that may be, so that you too may experience that feeling of elation on reaching your summit.”