An Everest View

This morning I woke up at 6a.m. and saw the most amazing sunrise. So clear and beautiful with the snowy mountains behind. Although it was a rest day we still had an early breakfast at 7a.m. as today's mission was a walk up the hill (for 1500 feet) for an Everest View.

We were actually walking up to a hotel called the Everest View Hotel, which is the highest otel in the world! On the way up there we also walked across the highest airstrip in the world - yes, we're really up here in the clouds! And we were lucky enough to see a tiny plane, a Pilatus Porter, coming in the land, bouncing along the dusty strip of ground. I flew from here in the spring, and it was interestingly exciting to say the least!

It was quite a climb up to the hotel.Steep and relentless and everyone was very much relieved when I assured them that this was not the route we will be taking tomorrow, so they will not have to repeat it. When we got up to the hotel, we had the most amazing views. Everest appeared, tantalizingly, for a few minutes before being swallowed up by a huge cloud, but on all sides there were giant snowy mountains, which really have to be seen to be believed.
We spent quite a while up there, having a drink and soaking up the view and the sunshine. It was really wonderful. Then it was back down the hill in time for lunch and then a bit more shopping - believe me girls can shop!
Tomorrow we are going on to our next stop at Pangboche. It's quite a long walk, probably about 6 hours, but we are walking with Everest in our sights all day...walking towards the mountain.... and that view really does take your mind off the walking.
Everyone is well and feeling good and we just can't wait to get going again. Every day is one day nearer our goal and every day Mount Everest is looking bigger, higher and more beautiful than ever. It won't be long until we are right there.