Namche Bazaar

Here we are in lovely Namche Bazaar. The weather is still wonderfully sunny and clear and today we had our first view of Everest. It looked like a perfect summit day! We are all seeing so many new sights, every step of the way that it is hard to take in. Yesterday morning we stepped off the plane in Lukla at about 07.45a.m. in perfect time for breakfast. And of course the most fitting thing for us to have for breakfast on the menu was breakfast A l'Everest, so some of us had to have that. The walk yesterday was very relaxed, with photo stops approximately every 30 seconds, however we did manage to get to our overnight stop before dark! Today was quite a hard day, as it was pretty much uphill all the way to Namche Bazaar. So everyone was very glad to be here. The lodge we are staying in is right above the town with the most amazing views. We are also next to the monastery so we will be going to have a visit there at some point. Tomorrow we are spending another night here to acclimatize. We will be going for a walk in the morning - uphill! For some further acclimatization and some more fabulous views of Everest. Everyone is feeling great and having the most amazing time - I've got some really fit girls with me here! More tomorrow....