Eloise's Everest


What on earth has possessed me, you would think after that experience I would have chucked  mountains in for good. Not me, I quickly decided that I should do a proper mountain survival course. Happily my friends agreed my run of bad luck was over.  Off into the mountains we go, great ride in the helicopter up to pioneer hut. Oh dear a big storm sets in, no helicopter can get to save us. 5 men, 2 women stuck in a tiny hut with
cabin fever and an outside toilet a long way away perched on the edge of a high rock!!!

Four day's later the storm stops, the helicopter can save us. Back down the bottom of the Glacier the Guide
decides he will take us ice climbing further up. Cool that was fun, Tourists taking photo's of us very impressive. We looked like professionals.  Bad luck again, It starts to rain, Hurry, hurry, hurry, rain,slippery downward Glacier full of crevasses. a recipe for disaster, for me anyway.  Yes it happened my crampon didn't bite and my legs went out from underneath me and headfirst down the crevasse I went. Ouch! ouch! that really hurt, but the girl is okay. I get out of the crevasse but my poor knee and other precious parts of me bruised and battered, plus my ego too.

The Guide was going to give me a bad report card and I was right.  Would I ever get anything right, why bother with this stupid addiction to mountains.  They purposely lay in wait ready to try to kill you at any given chance. Home I go with a bruised body and ego. I am never going near another mountain. Never ever ever again.

So you know what thought, thought as the saying goes, no Mountains for this girl However I did enjoy the ice climbing so much. I had soon booked my self in for a waterfall ice climbing course. Silly me! but I will tell you about that the next time I log in.



I was so excited about my Ice climbing course, the list of equipment had come. I packed my bag and off we go my friends and I.  We were booked in with the same guiding Company.  Foolish move I should have gone with another company that didn't know my history. Very proudly I stood at the heliport, I enjoyed Ice climbing, I thought I had done so well at it on the last attempt. well according to me I had. 


The Guide seemed to take a instant dislike to me, The Bad Report Card, must have been read by him. He glowered at me  and told me to unpack my bag, He was doing a gear check. You don't need this, this, this, soon many items that were on my have to have list were thrown in a big pile on the floor. How many Dollar's had I wasted buying the you have to have these things.  Tear's were starting to form in my eyes no one else seemed to be getting the same treatment as me. I knew then I was marked as hopeless. Foolishly in a moment of insane enthusiasm we had booked and paid with this company to do two mountain climb's after the ice climbing. Non Refundable, I now had to continue on or lose my money. It is very expensive to climb mountains believe me.

My tail between my legs I got into the Helicopter to fly to the Wye Valley just out of Queenstown.  The Helicopter landed. Everyone on the course piled out, then my turn out I step trip, and faceplant head first into the snow. I could feel the two guides swearing between themselves and saying not so nice things. I picked myself up dusted myself off and  held my head up high. I was going to show them I was not Calamity Jane incarnate, my run of bad luck was over. After we had put our tents up, We go for our first ice climb.  My word those cascading frozen waterfall's looked so exciting. I was going to climb and show those Guides Eloise could be a good mountain girl.

Off we go,  Go up that climb I was told, It looked easy, no problem!!!, so I thought. Throwing my fancy looking axes into the ice I was on my way.  Oh no! Calamity my foot began to slip out of my double plastic boot, the other crampon couldn't hold my weight and I slipped. My poor hand got jammed behind the axe against the ice wall and I was precariously hanging on a frozen waterfall by one arm. Calamity Jane had to be saved. That was It, this male guide had it in for me. From that moment on I was doomed or so I thought.

Next day, surprise surprise I was allowed to have another attempt a frozen waterfall climb.  I thought I did just so well - see my facebook picture it looks good to me anyway. However it wasn't good enough for him. He swore at me using the F word every second word. Poor me, I was then sent to the naughty corner and told to stay there with  a couple of men who had got on the wrong side of Mr Top Mountaineer: according to him.

No more ice climbing for me I was banned and so were the other two women, they were deemed to be as hopeless as me. Hurrah at least I knew I wasn't developing an acute case of paranoia.  We are sent off with the other guide to learn basic mountain skills. Quite fun really, a bit of  avalanche rescue work, a bit of climbing etc. I was starting to enjoy myself and gain some confidence. This was it, the curse of Calamity

Jane was broken at last. Feeling very pleased with myself we all head down back towards camp. I was singing a happy song and feeling just so exhilarated.  The next thing I felt myself being hit on the head, in the back, then a searing pain in my arm and I was flat on my face again.  A huge lot of waterfall ice had broken off and had hurtled down the slope it collected me and another girl, Pain, severe pain.

The Rescue Helicopter was called and we were flown to the Queenstown Hospital. The other Girl had a broken hand and neck whiplash. I was lucky no broken arm as first thought, just the biggest swollen arm you could ever imagine. We did make it into the local paper, two women climbers hit by huge icefall, airlifted to Hospital by Rescue Helicopter, Gracious we got called climbers Ha! Ha!.

Did that put me of, NO! as soon as I was home that naughty spirit of the dead mountaineer was saying, come on Eloise, don't give up next time you will be fine.  Our next trip was to Nepal to climb what was called the triple peaks. My friends assured me we would have different Guides, and everything would be fine. Now to find out if it was, you are going to have to come back and read the next part of my story.  

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