12th August, 2009

Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed last week's talk at Lochinver. You certainly had a very positive effect on my 8-year old daughter who, despite being reluctant to go initially, was noticably inspired.
Good luck in your future endeavors.

Mike Ainsworth
Royal Air Force

15th July, 2009

Sue Harper-Todd is the true embodiment of a risk taker, her speech was powerful and encouraging.  Her energy, vision, passion and self motivation would rest just as easily in the boardroom of a succesful company as on the summit of Mount Everest.

I was extremely impressed with her very thought-provoking and challenging presentation and it was certainly a lesson in how personal strength and determination can triumph over adversity.  Her speech was both inspiring and uplifting and Sue connected with the audience at an emotional level and made a lasting impression on all of us.

If you are someone who wishes to attain a personal or business goal, then sharing Sue's experience and wisdom is a compelling place to start.

Ms Fiona Coats
Property Developer Scotland and Switzerland


10th May, 2009

I was so pleased I made the effort to get to Inverness for this talk by Susan on her Everest Expedition.  Of course some things take on more importance when you know the people concerned, but there were aspects about Sue's experience that were a revelation.  One got the sense of travelling on a journey with her, the photographs were stunning, and the story of her ascent not only inspiring but informing in a way that one never experiences in the santised versions seen in drama-documentary style programs on television.

Anyone with an interest in mountaineering, climbing, adventure travel, especially those who might be considering taking on a bigger challenge will find this lecture both informative and well worth while attending.

Jan Cuthbertson


10th May, 2009

Sue's climb is an inspirational metaphor. She took on the awesome challenges of Everest armed with what might seem like the ephemeral advantages of self-trust and a belief that this was what she was meant to do. Her achievement is a testament to the power of self-knowledge and self-belief - something she would clearly and sensitively like to encourage in everyone she encounters. Thanks Sue.

Jacqueline Waring
Author of The Fidelity Diaries

26th June, 2009

Mission to Mount Everest!

I was lucky enough to be in the audience to hear Sue Harper Todd tell  of her epic adventure to conquer Mount Everest - the highest mountain in the world. Prior to the presentation I couldn't imagine even beginning to think that I, as a woman would even consider that such a feat might be was doubly intrigued to hear all of the adventure.

Sue talked with excitement about the whole expedition from start to finish along with a slide show clearly depicting how tough the whole adventure was. Sue talked as if we were along on the adventure with her which made the whole enormity of the situation seem much more real. I think a lot of us in the audience were completely overawed by her bravery, obvious sense of determination and her 100% positive mental focus on achieving the task.  Completely awe inspiring and life changing!  Imagine if you can conquer Everest I guess you can achieve just about anything!

Afterwards Sue showed us some of her equipment and we had the opportunity to ask questions! A thoroughly amazing evening and we left with an eagerness to go and find our own life changing adventure. Sue is an amazing woman, a great role model and has an ability to make you feel that you could achieve something special too!

Lisa Lawson
Personal Trainer

30th May, 2009

Sue's talk attracted our largest audience by far, in the range of talks we held at Riverdale this summer. She provided excellent publicity material which caught many people's imagination and of course everybody wants to listen to someone who's actually done the climb herself! The delivery was extremely good. She had a wonderful selection of slides, other items of interest for people to look at before and after the talk, and the presentation itself was lively and personal.

Judith Marten
Riverdale Centre, Inverness


August 12, 2009

Dear Sue,

I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational lecture on Everest held at the Riverdale Centre recently. I felt compelled to write to you because the talk was not only fascinating, but also inspirational on a personal level.

Exhibiting the gear you wore and the equipment you used in your successful summit of Everest, made the talk all the more realistic and the slide show was excellent.
I have been motivated to make many changes in my life and plan to join your expedition to Everest Base Camp next spring. I would never have envisioned doing anything like this before your talk, but now I am looking forward to experiencing a little of the amazing feat that you achieved for myself.
With all best wishes,

Amanda Gwynne


February 16th, 2010

Congratulations Sue,

It was a fascinating talk last night. I find it so amazing that a petite lady like yourself can achieve so much. I read a book on Everest only last week where I had to use lots of imagination about the mountains but you managed to illustrate the enormity of it so well in your presentation.

In spite of your excellent pictures nobody will be able to appreciate enough the distances and steepness you had to endure. And sleeping rough or not sleeping at all. You are in a different league!


Pavel Satny
Licenciate of the British Institute of Professional Photography
Licenciate of the Masters photographers Association


16th February

Hello Sue,

A brief message to say thanks very much indeed for such a superb talk last night.  There was no doubt that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  Of course, the wonderful photos illustrated what you were saying so well and the dvd was the icing on the cake.  I think one measure of the extent to which it was enjoyed was the number of questions that came at the end.  That was the best question and answer session we have ever had.  There were lots more questions I would like to have asked, but they’ll have to wait for another time!

Christopher Carter