Women For Women International Everest Base Camp Trek Challenge

Would you like to join me on the famous Everest Base Camp Trek, one of the world's ultimate trekking challenges, and know that you are helping other women by doing so? Would you like to change your life as well as theirs? Because you will! In October 2011 I will be leading a trek to Everest Base Camp in aid of the charity Women For Women International.

Several years ago I was privileged enough to stand on the summit of Mount Everest. This was an extremely tough mental and physical challenge, but I am well aware that, all over the world, other women are facing equally huge challenges. We all have our own Everest's to climb and every day thousands of women in war-torn countries, who have lost everything, are struggling not only to feed their children, but to survive.  They have one huge mountain to climb. No one can climb big mountain on their own. Climbing a big mountain takes teamwork and support. I had a whole expedition supporting me on my climb.

Now, thanks to the wonderful charity Women For Women International, these women survivors of war and conflict, who were alone wandering helplessly at the foot of their mountain, whose summit they could not even see, are now being supported. Women For Women International are helping them to rebuild their lives, by giving them the skills and resources to enable them to support themselves. Helping them to go from victim to survivor to active citizen. To learn more please click on this link Women For Women International.

Women For Women International are giving women back their lives, their self belief, their confidence, their freedom. They are helping them climb to the summit of their own Everest. If you would like to help them too, then please join me in taking on the ultimate challenge of trekking to the foot of beautiful Mount Everest, Mother Goddess of Earth, the highest mountain in the world and raising money for this wonderful cause. Make this your Everest. We'll climb it together!

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